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€ 100,00Price

400 Sandalo latino

Morbida fodera in pelle

Cinturino adattabile che puo’ andare alla caviglia o sotto al piede

Forma vestibilita’regolare

Soletta flessibile in pelle scamosciata imbottita in memory foam e ammortizzata

Suola interamente in pelle scamosciata

Altezza tacco 70 oppure 50 in base al colore scelto

Disponibilita’numeri 34-41




Latin sandal
Soft leather lining
Adaptable strap that can go to the ankle or under the foot
Regular fit shape
Flexible insole in suede leather padded with memory foam and cushioned
Sole entirely in suede
Heel height 70 or 50 according to the color
Availability of numbers 34-41
Produced in Italy

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